CS:GO COMMEND BOT AND REPORT BOT 2019 [With Instruction!]


Sunday, February 17, 2019

CS:GO COMMEND BOT AND REPORT BOT 2019 [With Instruction!]

Tired getting an error during setting up Commend BOT / Report BOT for CS:GO game ?
You have come to the right place!

Today I'm going to share a new script for CS:GO Commend BOT / Report BOT
This script is based on Node.js, just like old Commend BOT / Report BOT but with a lot of upgrades
Also, the commend and report process is 4x faster!

1. Make sure your Node.js version is at least version 10, how to check the version?
Take a look at this picture : https://i.imgur.com/CO3guEX.png
If it's not version 10, uninstall and download version 10 of Node.js

2. Steam API Key
How to get Steam API Key ?
Here : https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey


How to use the file for Commend BOT ?
1. Download the file

2. Extract the file to your Desktop

3. Open csgo folder
Then, find config.json, edit using notepad or others editor

4. Fill the SteamAPI Key that you get before, after that save the file

5. Now open input.txt
Fill it with your bot account, and save the file

6. When you done with your BOT acoount, now open "Node.js command prompt"

7. Type cd desktop (enter from your keyboard)
Type cd csgo (enter from your keyboard)

8. To parsing input.txt become accounts.json
Use this command : node parseAccountList.js
You will get notified "Done" at the end of process

9. To start commend process, type this command
node index.js 76561199887766 10 (enter from your keyboard)

10 = amount of commends to send
node index.js = commendbot script
76561199887766 = Steam ID 64

10. DONE, commend process starts!
Commend cooldown is 12 hours


How to use the file for Report BOT ?
1. Edit config_report.json using notepad or others editor

2. Fill the SteamAPI Key, after that save the file (You can use same API Key from Commend BOT)

3. The MatchID is optional, just leave it empty if you do not want to use it

4. Report cooldown is 24 hours per report

5. To start report process, chose one of the following command :
node index_report.js 76561199887766 20 (enter from your keyboard)
node index_report.js 76561199887766 20 3325774506517070139 (enter from your keyboard)

20 = ammount of reports to send
node index_report.js = reportbot script
3325774506517070139 - Match ID
76561199887766 = Steam ID 64

6. DONE, report process starts!

Note :
+ I am not the creator of the script (Source from GitHub)

If you like this, click on [Download and Thanks]

Screenshot ?

Download Here: https://pinoygameaccounts.blogspot.com/2019/02/csgo-commend-bot-and-report-bot-2019.html