CSGO Standalone Skin Changer


Sunday, February 17, 2019

CSGO Standalone Skin Changer

I haven't seen any standalone skin changers in forever so I hastily put this crappy thing together.
I've been using it for roughly a week or so with no noticeable issues.

Skin presets save in MYDOCUMENTS\\skinchanger\\whichever corresponding name as ini
When you reload the cheat and load your saved preset just hit force update, knife and gloves don't save as I forgot to include them in the saving process but I figured it's good enough

Insert to open/close the menu, if you want to unload just press end

As for anyone crashing which I hadn't noticed because derp until friend brought it up, try to disable multicore rendering in your game options and it should work, been using it mostly in community servers as I don't play matchmaking often

Download Here: https://pinoygameaccounts.blogspot.com/2019/02/csgo-standalone-skin-changer.html